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Calling C/C++/Go/Perl/Python from PHP

Today Enduro/X-PHP module is released which in client mode can efficiently call C/C++, Go, Perl and Python functionality. PHP via extension module (endurox-php) can call the XATMI services written in previously listed languages. The communications are done via Linux kernel queues, which ensures very high message throughput.

The project includes sample application

Which does the service call named “UNIXINFO”, and by returning the buffer output in two places:
1. /tmp/php_ndrx.out file
2. Prints the converted Unfied Buffer Format (UBF) to PHP Array.
The output of the program is following:

In particular the PHP script called service “UNIXINFO” which is provided by Enduro/X test server written in c, that could be found here atmisv1.


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